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In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic DATUM FOUNDATION are committed to supporting our friends in the communities of Malawi.  During last year we directed our fundraising efforts towards providing support for the purchase of soap and buckets to allow better access to handwashing in the village of Chisala. We employed the help of local tailors to make masks and distributed 30,000 masks and we issued a range of health care information to be distributed by poster and mobile telephone.  

DATUM FOUNDATION raised £7,000 and distributed 30,000 masks, 800 bars of soap and 100 buckets for handwashing which were distributed to local schools and community clinics.

But we need to do more!

Up until recently Africa seemed to have escaped the worst effects of Covid-19 – but sadly that seems to be changing. There is news about new variants of the virus starting to circulate and the consequences are already being seen – South Africa has reached 1.4 million confirmed cases and just over 4000 deaths.1

Officially, Malawi has recorded 19,654 confirmed cases and some 518 deaths.1 But tragically, the news we are getting from our friends in northern Malawi is that the “South African Strain“ is now spreading there. We have been in contact with Fischer Zimba – the headmaster of the Secondary School in Chisala. He said:

“Things are not good here! More students are testing positive in Malawi. Chisala has not yet been tested – hopefully tomorrow health officers will come. As a school we need soap and hands sanitiser – we have masks.”

DATUM FOUNDATION will continue to fundraise so that we can help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Soap and clean water

To help purchase bulk supplies of soap and water buckets to distribute to local communities


To help purchase sanitiser to be distributed in local schools and healthcare clinics to help stop the spread. 

Donate now and we can help to reduce the death toll across Malawi

£10 will help provide 50 bars of soap or 30 bottles of sanitiser

Simply visit our donations page to pledge your support: Donate Now

Together we can help thousands of people by the simple acts of health education, encouraging handwashing, and supplying protective face masks.

Dean Buchanan


1….WHO Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Dashboard


(Viewed 27/01/21)

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