The efforts of DATUM FOUNDATION and British Plumbing Employers Council (BPEC) to supply clean water to a rural maternal clinic in northern Malawi have been recognised in articles published in trade publications.

The Maternity Clinic in the rural village of Chikwina was completed in July 2019. However, once the works to the clinic were completed, the staff reported problems of low pressure and intermittent water supply.

Recognising the importance of providing new, clean water supplies to the clinic, DATUM appealed to the BPEC Charity who awarded the charity with a grant of £1,500 towards the works. Additional monies were received from private donors, including a grant from the Goldberg Memorial Trust. In June 2021, at the end of the rainy season, works commenced. The system is now operational and providing essential clean water supplies to the clinic.

In September 2021, PHAM News recognised the efforts to reduce mortality rates in the region by supplying the clinic with “fresh water from a functioning tap, enabling staff to clean equipment, wash laundry, prevent infection, and give new mothers and babies the benefit of clean potable water”.

The same month, Registered Gas Engineer News also published news regarding the completion of the works.

With around 15 births every month, the Maternity Clinic is now in use, providing a safe and welcoming place for women to give birth and spend their first few days. 

“DATUM and mothers and babies of Chikwina and surrounding communities thank BPEC for their generous contribution to this important project and helping save lives”- Dean Buchanan, DATUM Chairman