As you know DATUM Foundation has already worked for over ten years to provide access to education, healthcare and sanitation to poor and disadvantaged children and communities across Asia and Africa.

Once each year we ask our friends and supporters to help us raise funds for one of our projects. We have now launched our BIG CHRISTMAS APPEAL 2022 to raise funds to undertake a comprehensive refurbishment of the Sonepur Leprosy Care Centre in Odisha State, India, to help fight leprosy, a devastating disease.

You can donate to our BIG CHRISTMAS APPEAL 2022 by clicking this link.

The existing Sonepur Leprosy Care Centre serves a predominantly rural region where more than 28% of the population classified as poor. It provides a whole range of patient leprosy services, including diagnostics, ulcer treatment, physiotherapy, and the supply of tailor-made footwear and disability aids. But, sadly it is in a very poor condition – so much so that certain buildings can no longer be used. Urgent repairs that are needed to the buildings, along with upgrading the electrical systems, re- decoration, furnishing, and equipment. 

Once renovating works of the Sonepur Care Centre are completed it will be able to provide treatment and support to some 720 individuals each year – of whom some 100 will be children.

The Trustees of DATUM Foundation ask for your support towards this important project and help LEPRA to provide treatment and support for men, women and children affected by leprosy in rural Odisha.

You can also go straight to our donation page by opening up the camera on your smart phone and pointing it at this QR code screen. It’ll take you directly to the page!

On behalf of the Trustees of DATUM Foundation and the families in Odisha state, we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas.