DATUM was honoured to be invited to a Sunday service the Beeston Methodist Church to receive a generous donation on 11 September 2022.

Indeed, members of Beeston Methodist Church managed to raise the astonishing amount of £7,800 as part of the Church’s efforts to support overseas partners to support local communities through education and advocacy.

100% of the donation will be used by DATUM on the construction of our education and healthcare projects in 2023:

  • A new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Classroom at the existing Chisu Community Day Secondary School in northern Malawi, attended by 116 pupils – aged 14-17 year old. The proposed works will include a new building, furniture, and related equipment. DATUM is partnered with the TURING TRUST for the supply and installation 20 new computers. The proposed target is to complete the project by start of the new school year in September 2023. The total estimated cost for this project is £10,000.
  • DATUM will also be working on the renovation of the existing Leprosy Care Centre in Sonepur, Odisha State in eastern India. The existing centre provides both clinical and socio-economic services to people affected by leprosy in Sonepur and the surrounding districts, benefiting approximately 2,000 people directly each year, many of whom are children. Working with our partner LEPRA UK we aim to renovate the existing physiotherapy unit, footwear workshop, ward, clinical laboratory and kitchen (works will include building and woodwork repairs, electrical upgrading, decoration, furnishing, and equipment.) The total estimated cost for this project is also £10,000.

In her acceptance speech, Fiona Peel, who received the  said:

“This generous donation will go a long way towards delivering these important projects and help DATUM building a better future for children in the poorest areas of the world.”

Once again, DATUM’s Trustees, and the children of Chisu and Sonepur and the surrounding regions thank you for your support.

You can watch the Sunday service and DATUM’s acceptance speech here.