DATUM is proud to announce the completion of its latest sanitation project, the building and provision of a new water supply system for the Secondary School in the rural village of Chisala in Northern Malawi.

DATUM has previously built a bore hole and water supply system for the school but given the success of the educational establishment, which now welcomes 450 pupils with many boarding, it was crucial to remediate any problems of low pressure on the existing water supply.

The project was approved by Trustees, the Education Department for the Northern Region and school management, and works began in early 2022. 

We are please to announce that the new supply became operational in March 2022. Indeed, our local representative has now inspected the works and confirmed that all elements are installed and operational – ensuring that all pupils and staff at the school are now assured access to clean water.

DATUM Trustees, pupils and staff of Chisala Secondary School thank everyone for their help and support on this important project.