DATUM Foundation is delighted to announce the completion of its latest project in northern Malawi.

DATUM also recognises the early years as critical to children’s development and has sought to provide pre-school facilities for both girls and boys and improve their preparedness for primary education. It has been a long-term aim of DATUM to construct and equip a pre-school nursery in Mkondeezi in northern Malawi.

In discussions with Alice Leaper of Butterfly Space, they identified an existing nursery which had been built – but remained incomplete and unused.

Building works, conducted by local tradesmen and women, included the laying a concrete floor, the installation of doors, windows, and internal decorations. The main feature is a large colourful mural on one of the walls. New furniture was also installed. To provide a stimulating environment for children, DATUM have also paid for some toys to be purchased locally. The colourful plastic bricks have already proved to be a big favourite.

Externally, DATUM financed the construction of a toilet and washroom for the little ones and a sand pit.

20 pre-schoolers are now attending the nursery, minded by two government-funded teachers.

In other great news, the garden area will also be planted after the rainy season in 2023 for the little ones to play in the shade and in a safe and green environment.