Project Cost: £7,000
Project Location: Nkhata Bay area, Malawi

Throughout the pandemic DATUM FOUNDATION’s main concern remained the health and safety of the children, our friends, and colleagues in Malawi.

Our efforts to help reduce the risk of transmission in local communities saw DATUM FOUNDATION employ local tailors to purchase fabric, which was used to manufacture face masks.

Work was also undertaken to acquire and distribute other essential protective equipment such as soap and handwash buckets and distributing these to local schools and health clinics and maintain a health care campaign using information aligned with International and Malawian Government advise. This uses printed posters in English and the local language, Chichewa, and messages circulated by mobile phone to encourage regular handwashing and the wearing of masks.

So while our construction projects had been put on hold due to the outbreak of Covid-19 DATUM FOUNDATION pulled all resources on helping thousands of people in the remote areas of Northern Malawi fight this devastating virus.

We were pleased to have raised a total of £7,000 to distribute over 30,000 masks, soap and buckets and healthcare information to support the local communities in Mzuzu, Chisala and Chikwina in northern Malawi. The following healthcare centres and clinics were essential to ensure distribution: Mpamba Clinic, Luwazi Clinic, Chikwina Clinic, Chisala Clinic, Chisala Primary and Secondary School.


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