CHISU is a small village located on the shores of lake Malawi. Chisu Community Day Secondary School currently has 116 pupils...

Project Cost: £9000

Chisu is a small village located on the shores of Lake Malawi, some 20km to the north of the regional town of Nkhata Bay. It has a total estimated population of 1,400. The village is part of a larger community of villages including, Sanje, Nkhafu, Kapingama, and Mvwalamani.

The school serves a total catchment of over 3,000 children. Chisu Community Day Secondary School consists of four classrooms and provides an education to four-year groups, and currently provides an education to 116 pupils. These are equal boys and girls. The school already has mains electricity supply.

One of DATUM’s educational initiatives is ensuring that pupils at Secondary Schools in Malawi can have access to computers. DATUM is therefore aiming to build Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) classrooms and ensure all are fitted with PC computers, related equipment and educational resources. Hands-on use of computer hardware should provide huge potential improvements to each child’s education – not just by familiarisation with the technology (learning technology), but also by the acquisition of cognitive skills (learning through technology) by access to the Internet.

With this mission in mind, DATUM has approved the construction of a specialised ICT classroom for the school. The building plan proposes a classroom of some 10m x 6m. (60m). There will also be a secure storeroom.

Works have started on site, the foundations have been dug and over 3,000 earth bricks have been made locally.

DATUM are partnering with The Turing Trust to provide some 20 PC computers and associated equipment once the building is complete. The target is for overall completion of the classroom by September 2023
ready for occupation by the start of the new academic year.

The estimated cost for the building is £9,000


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