Project Cost: £13,380
Project Location: Chisala, Malawi

In 2019, DATUM raised funds to provide the Secondary School in Chisala with a specialised Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) classroom.

This initiative was aimed at ensuring each pupil at the school would have hands-on access to modern computers.

The construction of a dedicated ICT classroom and the installation of all required power and lighting systems was successfully completed in 2021. Equipment consists of 20 PC computers (donated by generous supporters in the UK), which has been tested and on which a basic package of Windows software was installed. 

After discussions with the Headmaster, additional works were identified to complete the classroom, including locally-manufactured durable steel chairs, a high quality printer/photocopier for the school, a digital projector, whiteboard and markers, a wireless Router, Khan Academy Software, computing textbooks. 
These have been installed in the classroom and are being used by enthusiastic pupils.