Following floods and landslides in 2021 DATUM’s newest project is the construction of a new school and 14 classrooms in Tal, Nepal, in partnership with Pahar Trust

Project Cost: £98700

DATUM’s most recent project is the construction of a new school in Tal, Nepal.

There are around 200 houses in the catchment area with an estimated population of 1,100 people. The community is remote with 70% reliant on agriculture as an occupation with 20% working in local businesses in the village.

The original school, Shree Bhanu School in Tal, was founded in 1975 but was damaged in floods and a landslide in June 2021. Although parts of the building survived, the classrooms suffered significant damage. The building has been deemed structurally unsafe and beyond repair. As a result, about two-thirds of children have been required to attend other schools away from their families, in Pokhara for example, which is a six-hour drive from Tal. The two nearest schools are 1.5 hours or 3 hours walk from the village: there are no options for children to learn unless they have parents financially able to send them to a boarding school away from home. 

Those who have not been able to leave are being taught in temporary shelters in the village.

It is crucial that a new school is built to allow children and teenagers in the local area to access a stable education without being separated from their families or community. It is proposed to build the new school at a nearby site away from potential future flooding and safe for the children and teachers to use. 

DATUM is working with Pahar Trust to construct a new building that will provide 14 classrooms. The new building will be two stories high with seven rooms at each level. All will be built to the current earthquake resilience standards and approved by the Nepali Government. All classrooms will be fitted out with a blackboard, desks, and chairs. There will also be one administration office. The project will also include the provision of a safe and reliable water supply. Safe and segregated toilet blocks will be provided for both pupils and staff.

The school will run classes from Early Childhood Development (3-5yrs) to Grade 10 (16yrs).The Nepalese Government has agreed to provide 13 state-funded teachers.

Upon completion it is anticipated there will be about 100 students at the school with an almost 50:50 split of boys and girls. The project will also include a clean water supply and toilets. Works are scheduled to begin after the monsoon season in September 2023 and will take one year to complete.

The estimated total cost is £98,700

The money for the project is already in place due to a generous donation from Indian Ocean Disaster Relief (IODR) and a contribution from the Nepalese Government. Works are expected to commence in September 2023, once of Monsoon season is over.


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