The Humanitarian Foundation, working with Datum Foundation proposed the building of a new school in the village of Namdui Para, where children could not go to school

Project Cost: £5000

The small village of Namdui Para is located in the Sualok union of Bandarban Sadar upazila in the Chittagong Hill
Tracts of Bandarban. This village sits 12 kilometers away from Bandarban main city.

People of Namdui Para are Mro tribal people, and 136 people lived in the village, where there had never been a school. Children living in the disadvantaged area of Bandarban have no access to education.

To remedy this situation voluntary organisation Humanitarian Foundation, with the support of DATUM, built a new primary school. Works were completed in June 2013.

The building comprises two classrooms, an office, and a toilet block. The project also included new furniture, blackboards and all required textbooks, pens and school uniforms.

The 26 children of the village are now happy to go to school. This is one of three Primary Schools constructed in the region (Dola Para and Noa Para) by Datum Foundation.

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