Project Cost: £12,310
Project Location: Kisongo, Tanzania

After visiting the village of Kisongo in 2009 DATUM decided to sponsor improvements to the village school Elikopea Urio had built for the deprived children of his community.

DATUM provided funds to improve the existing buildings. New concrete floors and ceilings were installed, the classrooms decorated and walls re-painted. DATUM also provided new furniture which now enables all the children to sit comfortably and receive an education in the best possible conditions. The school now welcomes some 40 boys and girls aged 3 to 7 and provides an education to those who, due to poverty and distance, would not receive any (Watch video here).

Once the fit-out to the classrooms were finished DATUM organized further works to improve the Ensue Community School.  This included the construction of a toilet block to provide toilets for both girls and boys. The building included a new water supply system, drainage, sinks for hand washing and tiling to all walls. To complete the project the whole of the exterior of the school was decorated with distinctive blue colours.

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