After staff at the Maternity Clinic in the rural village of Chikwina reported water supply issues, DATUM provided a new, clean water system for the clinic

Project Cost: £6000

The Maternity Clinic in the rural village of Chikwina was completed in July 2019. However, once the works to the clinic were completed, the staff reported problems of low pressure and intermittent water supply.

Recognising the importance of providing new, clean water supplies to the clinic, DATUM appealed to the BPEC Charity who awarded the charity with a grant of £1,500 towards the works. Additional monies were received from private donors, including a grant from the Goldberg Memorial Trust.

Designs for the system were prepared by an Engineer. Due to the importance of the project, construction was started as soon as the rainy season ended. Work on the bases for the water towers began mid-June 2021. DATUM procured the required pumps, tanks and steel towers.

The system is now operational and providing essential clean water supplies to the clinic. With around 15 births every month, the Maternity Clinic is now in use, providing a safe and welcoming place for women to give birth and spend their first few days.