Construction works on the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and library classrooms in the existing Stepping Stones School in the deprived Mkondezi district of Nkhata Bay has been progressing well

Set up by teacher Alice Leaper, the school currently has 230 pupils of which 112 are boys and 118 are girls ages 4 to 18. The school also has a vocational training class for students not progressing to secondary school.

This project, which was due to start on site in May 2022 after the rainy season, means that pupils at Stepping Stones would benefit greatly from having a dedicated space for play, reading and learning how to use computers. 

In a video recorded early August 2023, Alice gave a tour of the new creative learning buildings (where Alice joked than an owl has made its home). Local craftsmen and builders are currently installing windows and doors including metal bars, and it is hoped decorating will start soon.

“I’m really amazed it’s all happening, Dreams come true, and now it’s just the finishing touches to make it look beautiful and secure,” Alice said.

DATUM are delighted to be working in partnership with the TURING TRUST on this project. The Turing Trust will be supplying and installing 16 new computers, related equipment and educational resources for the pupils and teachers as soon as the buildings are completed and rendered safe to host the IT equipment.

Just £12 could pay for laptop maintenance for a year in Stepping Stones, ensuring students always have access to fully functional and up-to-date computers.

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We are excited to see this new building buzzing with children reading books, learning new IT skills and playing in the next few months.

Watch Alice’s video now.