Who we are

DATUM FOUNDATION is a small international development charity based in London. Since 2009 we have worked with local communities across Asia and Africa to provide education, healthcare, and access to clean water and sanitation to poor and deprived children.

DATUM is the past participle of the Latin verb dare which means “something given”. Simply, DATUM is dedicated to giving time, energy and funds to build schools and health and maternity clinics and ensure all are provided with clean water and safe toilets.

DATUM believes that as individuals we each have gifts that can change the world. By working together we can create a world in which every child can enjoy good health, and the benefits of an education. Such collective action in the service of all humanity can provide hope and build a brighter future.

DATUM believes every child has the right to an education, healthcare and clean water and safe toilets.

We partner with communities in the poorest areas of the world, giving our time, skills and funds to support them to build schools and healthcare clinics and provide each project with clean water and sanitation.