Who we are

Founded in 2009, DATUM FOUNDATION is a small international development charity. For over 10 years, across Asia and Africa, we have worked with local communities empowering them to gain life skills, education, health and nutrition. We help people on their own terms to lift themselves out of poverty, and to live healthy and productive lives.

Datum is the past participle from the Latin verb ‘dare’ it means – ‘something given’. Simply – DATUM is dedicated to giving time, energy and resources to help equip children in the poorest areas of the world to thrive.

DATUM funds and builds schools, health centres and maternity wards – constructed by local communities, in collaboration with in-country professionals and local Ministries of Health and Education. We believe that as individuals we each have gifts that can change the world. Moreover, by working together we can create a world in which everyone is fed and sheltered, a world in which everyone can enjoy good health, and the benefits of an education. Such collective action in the service of all humanity could provide hope and create a better world.